Getting Back on Track!

So, clearly I have not been diligent about this blogging thing. But I have been out there, doing new things and trying to keep this resolution! I have fallen behind some, but there’s still a solid half a year to make up the weeks I missed.

The problem is I stopped being scrupulous about documenting when I did new things, so I no longer know what week everything happened. I’m going to try to start this blog back up and I will try to update once a week, but until I can get back on track, there may just be a flurry of posts about all the stuff I’ve done since February. Stick with me, guys! Thanks!


Week Five: Salt Block Cooking

About a year and a half ago, I was looking for a cool, unique host gift for some friends of mine. I came across Himalyan salt blocks by accident, I don’t even remember how, but I thought it would make a neat gift for my friends, who are adventurous people who love trying new things. Then for my birthday that year, someone gave me my very own salt block! I promptly put it in a cabinet and forgot about it. Until last week when I needed a new thing to try. So I dug it out of storage, did a little googling and cooked dinner on a salt block. Continue reading “Week Five: Salt Block Cooking”

Week Three: Indian Food and the Opera!

The past couple weeks have been rough. The world seems to be falling apart, our country is being run by an orange ventriloquist dummy being controlled by an actual nazi…things are bleak and depressing and scary as fuck. With all that going on, I haven’t exactly felt like updating a blog about my random activities. All these huge, immense events going on and nothing felt smaller than me talking about how I tried Indian food. But I did. Despite my lack of blog updates, I am pleased to report the resolution continues unbroken. And I can’t decide if this blog is the least important thing on earth right now, or maybe more important than ever, or (most likely) somewhere in between. But what I know is all the reasons I started this blog are still there. And by doing new things I can meet new people and learn new things and incorporate new things into my life to hopefully become a better, braver person. Which is a thing the world really needs right now. So let’s do this. Continue reading “Week Three: Indian Food and the Opera!”

The Year of New Things: The Whys and Wherefores


Like so many people around the world, I made New Year’s resolutions. For years I refused to make any resolutions because I don’t believe in setting myself up to fail and resolutions are notorious for being neglected, forgotten, abandoned or just hurled aside in a fit of angry rebellion against your stupid, idealistic end of year self two months later. Continue reading “The Year of New Things: The Whys and Wherefores”