The Year of New Things: The Whys and Wherefores


Like so many people around the world, I made New Year’s resolutions. For years I refused to make any resolutions because I don’t believe in setting myself up to fail and resolutions are notorious for being neglected, forgotten, abandoned or just hurled aside in a fit of angry rebellion against your stupid, idealistic end of year self two months later.

In fact, the last successful New Year’s resolution I made was back in December of 2000 and it was, Do Not Get Caught Up in Survivor II in Australia because, and I quote, “I just can’t go through that emotional trauma again.” (The original season of Survivor took a real toll on me. I’m still not completely over it. ….Look, the year 2000 was a simpler time, you guys, don’t judge me.) The stakes were pretty low on that resolution but  I kept it and how many people can say that about their resolution to eat only kale or give up nail biting?

ANYWAY. I spent many happy years not forcing any expectations on myself and avoiding the inevitable self-hatred that comes from not meeting them. And then last year, I suddenly thought, “What if I made a New Year’s resolution this year?” Who knows why. Maybe I was bored. Maybe I was jealous of everyone else’s bursts of self improvement and optimism. Maybe I was dazzled by the idea of a clean slate and a fresh start. Lord knows I like giving myself new projects, the more complicated and grandiose, the better. So I made one! Actually, I made three! One of which was to do one new thing every week. I think that one lasted maybe a few weeks. Cue the sad trombone. (The other two didn’t even last a few weeks. Cue the sadder trombone.)

But instead of retreating in defeat and going back to a resolution-less existence where I could smugly watch everyone’s good intentions go up in flames, I decided to venture once more into the New Year’s resolution fray and revive the one new thing a week resolution. And keep track of it on a blog! You’re welcome!

Now here are some answers to questions you didn’t ask!

Why THIS resolution? – Great question random imaginary person! I chose this resolution because I am easily bored and being able to incorporate new and different things will hopefully make it easier to hold my interest. I also thought this would be a fun way to force myself outside of my comfort zone sometimes. I’m not a risk taker by nature and am prone to accepting situations that aren’t the best for me just because I’m comfortable or too scared of change. That’s not a way I want to live and this is a way to shake things up!

So, we can expect you to do crazy/fun/big new things every week? – Not exactly! The key part of the resolution is the NEW part. Some weeks it could be something as small as trying a new recipe or food. Other weeks it could be as big as going skydiving. (Spoiler alert: I’m never going skydiving.) While I’d love to be able to tell you I’m going to do a big, unique thing every week, that’s just not feasible. A lot of those things are expensive and time consuming. I’m a girl on a budget with a full time job and other things to do. And you know what? Little changes can lead to big things, so don’t count out the little things just yet!

This sounds boring. – Technically, that’s not a question, random imaginary person, but I take your point! I promise I will do my best to be entertaining about all the new things I try but I will not be offended if this blog ends up not being your cup of tea.

What happens if you miss a week? – Random imaginary person, you are really killing it with these questions! I’m not exactly sure! I guess I’ll try to do two new things the following week to make up for it!

Are you taking suggestions for new things to try? – Sure! Hit me up in the comments or you can email me at!

So thanks for joining me on this little/big adventure! Let’s do this thing!



Author: yearofnewthings

Just a girl trying to keep a New Year's resolution.

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