Week One: Apple Pie Shots

I’m not gonna lie. This resolution almost crashed and burned the first week out. The first week of the year was ticking by and I still hadn’t done anything new. I tried crowd sourcing on Facebook to get some ideas. “Cure cancer,” suggested one friend. Let me assure you all, if I were capable of curing cancer, I would have done it already. Fuck cancer.

“Get a tattoo!” That suggestion came from my sister in law. But a tattoo seemed a little dramatic for my first week out and also, I can’t even commit to a bumper sticker on my car, much less permanent body art. Not to mention my severe aversion to pain and needles. No tattoos. (At least…not yet.)

“Indoor sky diving!” Ah! My first real suggestion! I looked into it, but indoor skydiving is expensive and it was definitely not in the budget this week.

“Buy a hair dryer.” That suggestion came from a friend who knows I don’t own one and wanted to be a smartass.

“Learn how to knit/crochet!” At first I demurred on this one. I have craft supplies from a ton of hobbies that I’m currently not using. The last thing I need is another half-finished project. But the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. However, I didn’t have enough time/money to buy all the supplies and learn in the time remaining, so I put that suggestion aside for another week.

This was turning out to be harder than I thought. Getting nervous, I asked a co-worker for an idea. “Walk through your front door backwards,” she said and I got the feeling she didn’t really understand the spirit of the resolution.

Thursday  afternoon rolled around and in desperation I messaged a friend. “I need a new thing for the week!” And she came through for me. “Try Harry Potter yoga!” Huh. Ok. Harry Potter yoga. It’s not how I imagined my first week of this resolution going, but you know what, beggars can’t be choosers and it was free and I could get it in by the deadline so Harry Potter yoga it would be.

Then Saturday afternoon a friend and I had scheduled a wine night to hang out at my apartment. Along with the wine, she had also brought along these little apple pie shots packaged in cute miniature mason jars. Can you resist anything in a tiny mason jar? I certainly can’t. Look at them. They’re adorable.

I have never had moonshine before, so I immediately decided these would be my new thing. Harry Potter yoga would have to wait. I’m not a big drinker, and I definitely don’t do shots very often, but these actually went down pretty smoothly. They didn’t taste a lot like apple, more like a vague hint of apple in the aftertaste. Not bad!

So raise an adorable mini mason jar and cheers to week one being successful! Onward and upward!




Author: yearofnewthings

Just a girl trying to keep a New Year's resolution.

2 thoughts on “Week One: Apple Pie Shots”

  1. When we went to the Smokies, we did a whole day in Gatlinburg just to do moonshine tastings at the 7 or so places that made it. BOY, was that a fun day! Ole Smoky was one of the spots we stopped at. 🙂

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