Week Two: Crock Pot Pizza and Blog Posts

I swear to you all that this resolution will get more exciting as we go along. I will not always be in my apartment trying new-ish foods. But, that is where we are this week, so let’s get to it.

If you’re like me, you are always seeing interesting/cool/fun links, videos and articles on Facebook and thinking, “I’ll read/watch it later.” Facebook has graciously given us a way to save these links so we don’t have to scroll through a million things trying to find them at 2:30 in the morning when your brain suddenly remembers that thing you scrolled by that looked cool that one time.

If you’re even more like me, that little “save link” button has made you into a link hoarder. I save links all the time, only to forget I’ve saved them. Facebook to the rescue again! Now Facebook will kindly place links you’ve saved back into your feed to remind you that you saved it. Thanks, Facebook! I for one welcome you as our new overlord!

So months ago I saved a link that promised me I could make pizza in my crock pot. I promptly forgot about it. Every once in a while Facebook would gently remind me that I could make pizza in my crock pot and I would think, “Oh yeah, that does sound cool. I should do that.” But I didn’t have the ingredients on hand, or it was too late in the day to start the crock pot, or I was at work, so I’d scroll on by, making a mental note to revisit that idea. Then I would immediately forget about it again. But 2017 is a whole new ball game! The next time the link appeared in my news feed I decided to do it.

I will say upfront that I don’t know how much of a time saver this is. It’s not particularly difficult or time consuming to make pizza in a regular oven. Especially if you’re using a pre-made dough (shout out to Trader Joe’s and their awesome and cheap ready made pizza dough), which I always do. Mostly I did this for the novelty of it.

I followed the instructions found here and it went basically exactly as it was advertised. (I did not use the parchment paper sling they show in the video. I tried, but it was more trouble than it was worth. I just used two spatulas to get it out and had no problems.) I put it together Sunday morning, then went about my business (watching tv and laying around in my pjs, very serious business) and by lunchtime I had a cheesy, hot, delicious pizza all ready for me.

If I were to do this again, I would try to punch up the flavor in the dough, since there is a LOT of dough. Trader Joe’s also makes an herb pizza dough that would be cool to try with this, or maybe I could try to infuse my own herbs. I might also try using about 25% less dough and see where that gets me. But it’s cool to know you can do this in a crock pot! It’s made me curious to see what else I can do in a crock pot, other than stews or soup. If you’re a crock pot maven and you’re reading this, please feel free to tell me what other things I can do with a crock pot that I wouldn’t expect!

The other new thing that I accomplished in week two, was actually starting this blog! If I had been prepared and thought this all through, I would have done that first, before apple pie shots and then this would have made more sense. But if you’re here looking for organization and preparedness, you’re in the wrong blog. Here we fly by the seat of our pants and sometimes that means things get done backwards. The important thing is they’re getting done!

Join me next week when I actually venture out of the apartment for my new thing(s)! Really!


Author: yearofnewthings

Just a girl trying to keep a New Year's resolution.

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